Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The Summer Village of Sundance Beach is required by the new Municipal Government Act, to create a Municipal Development Plan. A Provincial Grant was received to hire a consultant to help complete this project. Municipal Planning Services has been hired to assist with the development of this plan. 


Thanks to all who have so far provided feedback on the draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP).  Bylaw #2020-07 has been given first reading, and there was be a Public Hearing on March 4, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. via zoom.

Notice of Public Hearing

Municipal Development Plan - Draft - January 21, 2021

What We Heard

Newsletter #2

Biophysical Report

Suggested revisions which will be incorporated into the MDP: Revisions

2nd & 3rd reading of the bylaw are planned for during the March 11, 2021 Regular Council Meeting.